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Baptismal Gowns Be a part of every child's baptism by making the gown they are clothed in when they are baptized.
This group offers support to those who are suffering with the loss of a loved one. We are available if you need a listening ear or just need to know someone is there that cares
Building and Grounds

Plan and implement various areas of maintenance for buildings and grounds of parish. Those with a specialty (plumbing, masonry, electrical, carpentry, etc.) are especially encouraged to share their talents.

See bulletin for meetings times and place.

Bulletin Stuffers This group meets at needed (normally on Fridays) to stuff inserts into weekly bulletin
Bus Trips We offer coach bus trips to a variety of religious and inspirational locations
Church Cleaning These people help keep our church looking beautiful. It includes jobs such as vacuuming, washing windows and dusting
Environment Help decorate the church and set the mood for weekends and special liturigies, as well as liturgical seasons.
Fellowship Sunday Helpers Set up and service donuts, juice, milk, water and coffee after weekend liturgies (normally the First and Third Sundays of each month (Sept. - May.)
Funeral Helpers  
  Altar Servers

Dinner Servers

Hospitality ministers

to serve during the Mass of Resurrection.

to help prepare/serve/clean up the funeral dinner.

to help the family and friends with any needs before, during and after the Mass of Resurrection..
for the Sacred Heart Room serves refreshments and offers comfort during the visitation
Top of Page Librarian This involves organizing books and videos after they have been returned, calling those that are late, etc
  Money Counters This group meets weekly at a local finicial institution to count money from Mass collections
    Acts of Grace This is an intergenerational band that assists and leads the congregation in song for the 10:00 am. Mass
    Cantors Prayerfully leads the congregation in song during liturgy is is capable of singing as a soloist or duet.
    Hearts of Praise Choir made up of men and women singers who assist and lead the congregation in song.
    Men's Choir Adult men singers who assist and lead the congregation in song. Rehearsal is 6:15 pm on Thursday.
    Musicians Accompaning those singing by playing the piano, organ or other musical instruments.
    Youth Song (Children's Choir) The Choir for Young People Who Love to Sing
Remember God said "Make a joyful noise"
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  Outreach Annual Mission Trip Feeling like you are ready to BE the hands and feet of Christ? Join us as we prepare and go on our annual mission trip.
    Emergency Shelter This group of people (all ages) prepare, serve and cleanup a meal on fifth Sunday of each month at the Emergency Shelter. Food is provide. Time is from 4 p.m. until about 7 p.m.
    Salvation Army This group of people (all ages) are divided into teams that serve meals at the Salvation Army. We provide and serve lunch three or four times per year. Watch the bulletin with requests for volunteers.
    St. Vincent De Paul Society If you or someone you know is a little down on their luck and could use a little help St. Vincent's zest for souls can not be outdone. This group serves those in need for the Love God. They provide food baskets during the holidays, along with other assistance throughtout the year. Help is always needed for more information contact the Parish Office.
  Parish Bakers As parish events/activities arise, you may be asked to donate baked items. His is the perfect ministry for anyone who like to bake.
    Mailings Help prepare parish mailings by stuffing envelopes, attaching labels or whatever else is needed.
    Website Help is needed to ensure the website is current, state of the art and looking good. Edit content, come up with new and exciting ways to display what Sacred Heart has to offer via cyberspace.
  Quilting Group   This groups meetings monthly(Wednesday's at 1 pm - except during lent then it is 12:30 pm) September thru April. They make quilts and other items. No Experience needed. Quilts are made with love and prayers. items are made and sold in December at the Sweet Stroll. People can set at home and/or those that are willing to make knit or crochet items for sale. All proceeds from sales are used to purchase more material. Donations are welcome!
  Prayer Adoration Spend time in prayer for personal meditation before Jesus (The Blessed sacrament is exposed on the altar.) This is done on the First Friday of the month. Begins at 8:30 am and finishes with Benediction at 5 pm. If you would like to participate in Adoration, please contact the parish office to sign up
    Benediction Worship and praise of the exposed Blessed Sacrament using hymns and divine praises, during which the faithful are blessed directly by Jesus in the Eucharist. Usually after First Friday Adoration.
    Devotional Readings Any non scripture reading that brings us closer to, or praises God. Such as the lives of the Saints or their writings or prayers. Daily Readings link.
    Prayer Chain Prayer is the active expression that can be practiced by all. This ministry involves simply praying for the needs of others. New prayer requests will be sent to all members of the prayer chain. Some members may be asked to make one or two phone calls to contact other members.
  Rosary Rosary If you can lead the rosary after a weekday or before one of the weekend Masses, please contact the parish office to sign up.After 8:00 a.m. weekday liturgies, before the 6:30 p.m. liturgy on Tuesday, and before the 4:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. weekend liturgies
    On-Line Rosary Pray the rosary on-line from your Computer
    Scriptual Rosary Simple to follow scripts to pray a scriptual rosary
  Stations of the Cross Stations of the Cross A devotional meditation on Jesus' passion and death by praying the 14 stations depicted on the church walls. Especially appropriate during Lent. During Lent Stations of the Cross are held on Wednesday Afternoon and Friday Evening. They are also held at other times (watch bulletin for details.)
Station of the Cross
Pray Stations of of the Cross on-line from your Computer
  Speakers The eight Appleton Catholic Parishes bring in a national speaker for a night or weekend talk or retreat
  Telephone Callers Help out making telephone calls as needed. Can be done at church or at home.
  Worship Committee Meets monthly to plan liturigical events in the parish.
  Whole Life Committee Responsible for raising awareness in all areas relating to the dignity oflife, from conception to natural death. Come help us create a culture of LIFE!

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for Sacred Heart Room
These smiling faces are responsible for making coffee, serving juice and a snack for various meetings and/or funerals along with clean-up afterwards
  Pastoral First Friday Ministers On the First Friday of each month, a team of parish volunteers visits and brings Holy Communion to those members of the parish who are unable to come to Church. There is great joy in bringing the Body of Christ to those who hunger for the Eucharist.
    Hospital Visitors Visit parish members who are in the hospital; offering them prayers and the support of the parish. Be a presence to them in their time of need and assist them with any questions they may have regarding being anointed or having a priest visit them. Training and materials will be provided.
    Manor Care Helpers Help residents of Manor Care or other facilities get to Mass (Mass time may vary by place by pushing wheelchairs, assist them walking to and from Church and back to their rooms.
    Visit/Eucharist to Homebound Visist parish members who are confined to thier homes. Some members would just like a visit, others wouldlike the Eucharist brought to them. Training and materials will be provided.
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Visit/Eucharist to Nursing Homes Visist parish members who reside in various nursing homes and/or assisted living. Some members would just like a visit, others wouldlike the Eucharist brought to them. Training and materials will be provided.