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Altar Servers (Acolyte)
A server assists the priest during the mass by holding the book, bringing things to the altar, offering the water and wine at the Offertory, washing the priest's hands, ringing the bell, and making the responses. They may also carry the crucifix or processional cross, candles, incense, etc. They may assist with the boat if incense is used.
Eucharistic Minister
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at Mass help distribute the Blessed Sacrament and Precious Blood during Mass

Minister of Hospitality (Usher)
These individuals or families are responsible for the environment, the collection, and facilitating seating in crowded churches. They welcome worshippers (with their gregarious and outgoing natures) at the doors of the church, distribute worship aids, offer assistance or direction, etc.

A lector is someone who proclaims the first and second readings during Catholic mass. Becoming a lector is a serious decision and commitment to your faith and parish, since you are sharing your time and energy to the service of the church. Prepare to become a lector by asking God for His blessing and going to confession.
They are charged with the care of the sacristy, the church, and their contents. They are responsible for that every element in the sanctuary is in order, clean and ready for a Eucharistic celebr


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