Welcome to Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Since October 16, 1898 when Rev. John Kastner celebrated the first Mass in a former Methodist Church, Sacred Heart parish has been vital to the community on the south side of Appleton.
  Sacred Heart has an interesting history with several priests serving the community for as many as 20-25 years, with one priest serving 40 years here at Sacred Heart. Now the parish pastoral ministry is shared with its daughter parish, St Bernadette.
  The Wonderful dedicated parishioners of Sacred Heart continue to show their pride in many ways. Driving past Sacred Heart in the summer. One cannot miss the many blooms of the many gardens. The idea of a new Rosary Garden was born, and has become a reality in our front yard. Through dedicated volunteers giving countless hours of hard work, and the parish fundraiser earning over $9,000, the garden is taking shape. This is a sterling example of the community pride inviting outreach to the local neighborhood. It has become our calling card – come join us at Sacred Heart!
  Throughout Sacred Heart history, parishioners have stepped up offering the stewardship of their Prayer, Service & Sharing. In Faith, they are offering back to God from the blessings that they have received.
  Best wishes from me, your pastor, and the staff of Sacred Heart Parish ~ Fr. Don Zuleger