May 9 - Thrivent Workshop - Identity Theft (6:00 pm @ Sacred Heart Parish) Being proactive in protecting your identity can pay off down the road.Get tips and tools to help you avoid identity theft and deal with the consequences if you become a victim.
  May 14 - DownSize Fox Cities - Heart to Heart - Healthy Conversations about Finances (5:30 pm @ Sacred Heart Parish) Caring for your parents can have a significant impact on your personal finances as well as multi-generational family relationships. Starting healthy and positive conversations about finances before there is an emergency can help make the situation less stressful for everyone. This presentation will help you become aware of tips, tools and resources to provide needed support when and how family members want it, while maintaining the goals that have been established.
  June 11 - DownSize Fox Cities - The Hows and Whys of Downsizing your Home (5:30 pm @ Sacred Heart Parish) Downsizing the family home is a stressful time for both Seniors and their adult children. How do you know when the right time is to get started on this huge task and what are the best ways to stay organized and tackle the many steps involved? Join us as we discuss tips and techniques to make this challenging time simpler and less stressful for everyone involved.
  June 13 - Thrivent Workshop - Economic Update (6:00 pm @ Sacred Heart Parish) Should today's headlines about the economy and markets influence your decisions about your financial strategy? Find out how to use this information to make wise decisions about your money.
  July 9 - DownSize Fox Cities - Co-housing to Cruise Ships on Land: Senior living options today. (5:30 pm @ Sacred Heart Parish) Today's seniors have housing and care options that their parents could never have imagined. This presentation will arm you with the information you need to make the best long-term decision for you or a loved one when considering a move from home.
  July 11 - Thrivent Workshop - Retire Fearlessly/Social Security (6:00 pm @ Sacred Heart Parish) Discover five keys to unlocking a retirement where you can have more confidence in your ability to achieve your goals. As you approach retirement, now is the time to determine how you'll support yourself. Find out how you can optizime Social Security and know how much you can expect to receive from other income sources.
  August 6 - DownSize Fox Cities - Elder Law - Ways to Plan for Care with Your Most Valuable Assets (5:30 pm @ Sacred Heart Parish) The cost of long term care is a common concern among retirees. How do I afford good care without impoverishing my spouse? How do I transition into a reputable care facility? How will selling my house impact my finances and taxes? Will my parents go broke paying for care? Should we sign our house over to our kids? When should we start thinking about our plan? Each are common questions that often have solutions through elder law. In this seminar we will talk about the specifics of planning around assets to ensure both a good quality of care for the future and protection of the people and assets that matter most.
  August 8 - Thrivent Workshop - Identity Theft (6:00 pm @ Sacred Heart Parish) Being proactive in protecting your identity can pay off down the road.Get tips and tools to help you avoid identity theft and deal with the consequences if you become a victim.
  September 10 - DownSize Fox Cities - How To Stay Young and Prevent Falls (5:30 pm @ Sacred Heart Parish) This dynamic presentation will cover the fundamentals and the role the spine plays in our overall health, what we can do to provent back pain, and what we can do to prevent falls. The presentation will give tips, tricks, and take aways to apply to your life so that you can learn to stay young no matter what age! Join us as we help you move well to live well!
  September 12 - Thrivent Workshop - As Your Parents Age (6:00 pm @ Sacred Heart Parish) Initiating conversations with your aging parents about their future wishes can be difficult. Get tips for starting healthy conversations with parents and other family members that can lead to positive outcomes.
  October 8 - DownSize Fox Cities - Senior Real Estate Seminar (5:30 pm @ Sacred Heart Parish) Join the Carolyn Stark Real Estate Team, Transfer Title, and Long's Senior Transitions for a discussion about buying and selling real estate specific to seniors. Seniors and their family members are welcome.
  October 10 - Thrivent Workshop - Your Legacy: Family, Church and Charity (6:00 pm @ Sacred Heart Parish) Are there people and organizations you care about and want to help financially? Learn strategies around sustaining your church's foundation, supplementing an endowment fund or leaving an inheritance.
  November 12 - DownSize Fox Cities - Have Your Communicated Your Wishes? (5:30 pm @ Sacred Heart Parish) Planning ahead for your own potential care or that of a loved one can be a daunting process. Learn how to start and have the conversations so that wishes are known and planned for as best as possible.
  November 14 - Thrivent Workshop - Preparing for Long Term Care (6:00 pm @ Sacred Heart Parish) Learn more about long-term care and how you and your family can prepare for it - emotionally, physically and financially.
  December 10 - DownSize Fox Cities - Successful Aging - Old Isn't Old Anymore (5:30 pm @ Sacred Heart Parish) How to maximize your lifestyle and those retirees you know. Come get a refreshed perspective, improved engergy & helpful senior resource information.